March 27, 2019

We are excited to introduce you to the artists who are graciously donating their time and talent for the benefit of our SWAN students. On May 21, we’ll host our first annual Spring Soiree – a night of art, music, and impact. The masterpieces will be on display for the evening’s silent auction. We invite you to join us in support of our students who are masterpieces in progress.

Song inspiration: “It’s a Wonderful World”
Artist: Jason Germeroth

I love being out in nature. There’s always something new to find a new place to explore and more to learn. You can visit the same place and it changes with every season. This image I captured shows new beginnings of spring with the eastern phoebe returning from winter migration. The new flowers on the maple tree show more growth from the year before. In a similar way, SWAN gives children the chance to change their lives and the opportunity of new beginnings to learn and grow. 

Title: “King of Kings” 
Artist: Liz Hess

Local artist Liz Hess, known for her red umbrella paintings and gallery in the heart of Lancaster, is creating an original masterpiece for our Spring Soiree using a violin as her canvas. This, as well as a print of her “King of Kings” painting, will be included in the evening’s silent auction.

Song inspiration: “A Million Dreams” 
Artist: Amber McBride 

“I believe it is a worthy goal to reach into a child’s life and change their course for good. SWAN is doing this. SWAN is opening up a world of a million dreams to needy children struggling to find one ray of hope. I am supporting this goal by creating a quilt which reminds the owner that they are forever impacting children’s lives through their participation.”

Song inspiration: “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and “True Colors”
Artist: Bryanna Still
Titled: Walk On

“I settled on an abstract design, leaving most of it up for interpretation. I show a sea of people, displaying an array of colors but united together for one purpose. I didn’t clump the purple shirts together in one corner and the green in another because I wanted to show that in order to achieve goals, comfort zones must be broken. When I was growing up, I never wanted change; I was walking through a storm. As I began to break down the walls of my comfort zone and let others in, I stopped seeing one color but became aware of all the hues around me and I wanted to contribute and help move people for one cause, no matter who they were. I want everyone to let their true colors shine and contribute to SWAN.”

Song inspiration: “Glorious”
Artist: Holly Germeroth

As a child, I loved to gaze at the night sky. I’ll never forget the excitement of seeing my first shooting star. I felt so small in this glorious universe and yet had the joy of seeing that star shoot across the night sky. The lyrics to “Glorious” speak of feeling small and insignificant but reminds us that everyone plays a part and together we can create something amazing. Psalm 147:4 says, “He counts the stars and calls them all by name.” God who created this splendor for us to enjoy, who knows the name of each star has purposed for every one of us to take part in this glorious design. Each of us has the ability to impact the lives around us, so in creating this watercolor the owner and I can share the joy of a child finding their significance through the gift of SWAN’s music program. 

Song inspiration: “It’s a Wonderful World”
Artist: Unknown
Titled: “SWAN with Cygnets” Framed with Lancaster County Barnwood

This beautiful image of a swan with her cygnets hidden safely under her wing encapsulates the wonderful world that our children sing about. The proceeds from its sale will help SWAN to invest in children’s lives who need that kind of refuge, safety, and tender love and will help them bridge the gap from their present circumstances to a secure and bright future. 

Titled: “Rhapsody Song”
Artist: Designed by Lena Stoltzfus, Quilted by Barbara Yoder (Family Farm Quilts and Fabrics of Intercourse)

“The name of the quilt pattern is Rhapsody Song, inspired by the pattern of movement and color on the quilt. Music is an art.  Music is therapy. It is a gift from God that allows us to express our most intimate feelings in a way that involves our whole being. It allows us to express what we may not know how to articulate with words. Sharing in this way with SWAN is a wonderful opportunity to give something tangible to enable vulnerable children to be able to benefit from the gift of music.” Lena Stoltzfus

Check back as we’ll continue to update our list of artists and post the FINISHED masterpieces!