How do you get connected with children who qualify for the Swan 4 Kids program?

We work with community partners to identify children who qualify. The School District of Lancaster is one of our largest resources for enrollment. Principals, teachers, intervention specialists, and family resource counselors from SDoL actively work on enrolling children. Many community partners recognize the importance of Swan 4 Kids as an intervention program and refer their contacts.

Where do you teach SWAN music lessons?

SWAN’s music lessons are held at school either during or after the school day. Community centers with after-school programs and Lancaster’s Youth Intervention Center are also locations where lessons can be held.

What instruments do you teach?

Ukulele is our most popular instrument with the children but we also teach violin, piano, guitar, drums, and voice.

What ages do you teach?

We primarily teach grade school students but we are able to provide lessons to students in middle school and high school.

When and how often do you teach?

We teach weekly lessons throughout the school year with some students receiving more than one lesson a week. We also hold a 5-week summer camp.

Who are your community partners?

Our community partners are the School District of Lancaster, the Youth Intervention Center, the Red Lion School District, YDOP Digital Marketing, Business Information Group (BIG), Music For Everyone, Lancaster Bar Association, Middle Creek Church of the Brethren, LCBC Church, Superior Walls of America, LTD., United Way of Lancaster.

Do you have volunteer opportunities?

Yes, we have various volunteer opportunities from events, office work, teachers, classroom assistance, summer camp, and community ambassadors. Volunteers will go through a screening process based on the role they will serve because of our work with children.

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