March 6, 2024

We are glad to share our 2023 highlights and the impact your support has had on our students.

Within the year, 2,163 Music Lessons were given to 116 students.” I want to continue learning songs with SWAN and meeting more friends.” Luis, student Student

48 students received both private and group lessons. “I am so grateful that Nate was given the opportunity to be a part of this. He loved his time with SWAN and has taken a huge interest in learning how to play the piano. I love this for him.” Tabby, Mother

On 25 occasions, students performed for the community, showcasing their progress. “It was cool to perform. When everyone claps, it makes me feel like a superhero.” Chanric, Student

During the summer, 27 students participated in our 4-day, 6-week music camp, in which students received daily private lessons, 7 daily group lessons, and access to mental health counselors.“This was my first year at camp, and I want to go every year because camp makes me happy.” Jazelle, Student

Students at camp participated in a mental health social-emotional learning class in which 70% increased their personal assessment scores.“Ms Amanda helps us a lot. She helps us find ways to calm down.” Marciel, Student

We want to thank you and invite you to look at our 2023 Annual Report and see what it says about our program, financials, events, milestones, and vision for what is next.