November 22, 2017

We are grateful to all our supporters who participated in last week’s Extraordinary events. You gave EXTRA and raised over $19,000! Your gift of music to the vulnerable children we serve will help transform their lives placing them on a path toward success. Thank you for caring and supporting this critically needed intervention program.

Notes of thanks from students and relatives:

“I want to thank you for giving my kids a chance to learn how to play the drums. Without your donations, it wouldn’t be possible. Thank you.”

“My siblings and I might have been affected by this whole situation way more if SWAN wasn’t there to help us.”

“We can’t thank SWAN enough for what they’ve done for us. We’ll always be grateful.”

“Her grades are good and I constantly see her character growing. I am grateful for all those who help make this program possible.”
“I look forward to Fridays when I get to come to music lessons. It helps me learn new things and helps me listen and follow directions. I really enjoy being around other children and I love my teachers.”