November 17, 2017

Lancaster’s Small Business Person of the Year, Steve Wolgemuth, has chosen to support SWAN and here’s why: “There are no shortages of opportunities to give to non-profit organizations. I get letters and calls almost daily. So why SWAN? For me, it’s simple. Who are the most vulnerable people in our society? Statistically, we could make a solid argument that it is children of incarcerated parents. They have a 70% higher chance of leading a life of crime than other children. Many of these children are essentially homeless, couch surfing with their impoverished mothers. Some steal to help provide for siblings. It breaks my heart knowing that these children are our neighbors.

SWAN has a fascinating solution, a proven intervention – provide music lessons as a form of mentorship. So far, the results have been so impressive that the school district is actively enrolling their students into the program. Every dollar I give to SWAN is paying for one of these children to get music lessons, an exercise that will likely change the outcome of their lives.

For me, giving to help our community’s most vulnerable children with a highly effective intervention – it’s an easy decision; SWAN gets my donation!”