SWAN student, Bryanna Still, has been featured several times on programs focused on Children of Incarcerated Parents. Most recently, she spoke and performed for a conference sponsored by the Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance.  It was important for those in attendance to understand the collateral damage done to a child when their parents are behind bars. She is doing a noble work of being an ambassador for thousands of children that typically have no voice. She is also an ambassador for SWAN’s mission by representing our goals well. It is our mission to break the cycle of crime by helping children of the incarcerated succeed. Because she is succeeding in her school work, her music, and has not been defeated by her circumstances, she not only represents SWAN well but is an encouragement to all those laboring in this sector.


“Some adults think kids who have parents who are incarcerated the kids are just as bad,” says 16-year-old Brianna Still of Lancaster. – CBS Philly article by Cherri Gregg