March 21, 2023

We are glad to share our 2022 highlights and the impact your support has had on our students. A lot has happened!

Within the year, 1,266 Music Lessons were given to 94 students. “When I play the piano, it makes me feel calm and relaxed. It makes me want to practice more.” Brooklyn, Student

Both private and group music lessons were given to 35 students. “Students receiving private and group lessons in the same week are experiencing two distinct skill sets. Private lessons allow the students to focus on the skills needed to improve their playing abilities. Group lessons require students to work together, listen to each other, and blend. Both lessons are crucial for comprehensive music development.” Brooke Beazley, Program Director

On 22 occasions, students performed for the community showcasing their progress. “I was a little scared to perform at the Barnstormers game, but I was happy after because we did a good job.” Cayden, Student

In the summer, 30 students participated in our 4-day, 5-week music camp, in which 8 students received daily private lessons and 6 daily group lessons. “I like that I get to be here and learn music from all the great teachers.” Camari, Student

We want to thank you and invite you to look at our 2022 Annual Report and see what it says about our program, financials, events, milestones, and vision for what is next.