The Farm at Eagles Ridge provided a picturesque setting for our “Summer Celebration”. Soon after our guests’ arrival, a school bus drove in delivering our campers to their performance area. Everyone was excited and some pre-performance jitters definitely made the anticipation greater.  The students filed down the main aisle to a drum beat and lined up in front of the stage. They were on and all the songs, ukulele chords, drum beats, and dance moves that they learned over the 5-week course were about to get unleashed as the program began. Within moments the children were singing and dancing and the audience was fascinated with them. Whatever the day may have held for the performers or the audience members, there was a joyful exuberance that took over and united everyone in the room. That is the magic of music and everyone felt its impact!

Our students were confident and worked well with their ensemble members. Realizing their success, one child said, “I really liked how all the people wanted to be a part of SWAN. People really love our voices and our music.” Another said “Everybody was so happy and smiling. I loved the end as we went out and people gave us high-fives.” 

This experience will follow our students throughout the new school year. Thank you, community members, for making this possible! Your gifts really do make a difference.

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