For 5 weeks over 30 children participated in our second annual summer camp. It was a fun but focused time of learning music, working as a team, and developing confidence and character. Each morning the children were instructed in choir, instrumental, and movement classes all in preparation for three performances. In the afternoon, they had classes that focused on healthy habits, coping skills, career development, mindfulness, art, physical education, decision making, and teamwork.

It was inspirational to see our students persevere amidst difficulties, strive to make better choices, and take delight in helping one another. Their performances were filled with enthusiasm and they walked away filled with pride knowing they had given their very best. On the final day of camp, the children ran from person to person giving giant group hugs, signing each other’s camp t-shirts, and bursting out in impromptu singing, dancing, and chanting.

We are thankful for our partnership with the SDoL, our amazing team, and generous donors who made camp possible. The music and mentoring that took place in those 5-weeks will have a lasting impact on our students.

Quotes from our campers:

“Thank you very much, this is the greatest camp EVER!”

“I liked learning the ukulele for the song – You’ve Got a Friend in Me”

“The performance was good; I really liked it.”

“The teachers really helped us bond, become friends and, work through our drama.

I’m going to miss SWAN camp!”