When our SWAN staff first met Bryanna Still, she was a 10-year-old girl who loved to sing but had never had any voice training. Within months of her receiving lessons and learning proper vocal techniques, her beautiful soprano voice emerged. Since then, Bryanna has continued with SWAN while bravely facing many life trials. She has learned how to be resilient and that same determination of spirit has helped her time and again press through her nervousness to perform on the concert stage. After many performing opportunities, it has become a very comfortable place for her!

This summer, as an incoming high school senior, she served SWAN as a classroom assistant at camp. Her plan is to pursue a career in music and art therapy. Here is a video clip of her kindly instructing a few children. She has been a wonderful addition to our SWAN team. Thanks to all who made this possible for her and all our other students.


Bryanna shared about her dreams and perspectives of SWAN in our summer newsletter. You can read it here.