June 22, 2019

“That was awesome!” Those words, exclaimed by a student as he walked off stage at our first Spring Soiree, aptly summed up the night. What could be more exciting than to spend an evening graced with a community of people who care to make a difference? I think all would agree that seeing the children that they support perform with enthusiasm and confidence was what brought them there. When we heard the children sing, drum, and play their ukuleles, everyone knew that the return on their investment was priceless. The children’s discipline and courage to stand in front of an audience paid off when they received standing ovations with accolades of praise. They treasured that moment; they had succeeded.

Many hands made the night possible such as the teachers who pour into our students’ lives, the artists who donated their masterpieces to help raise funds, the team of volunteers and staff who went above and beyond to make the night special, and our community of caring supporters who brought others, cheered our children on, purchased the art, and gave generously. The night was a community celebration for all to cherish.