May 21, 2014

“Scaling Walls for a Cause” was the goal on April 12th as climbers from Lancaster and beyond gathered at Spooky Nook Sport Complex. This fundraiser for SWAN was the first bouldering competition held at the Nook and the first of its kind in the tri-state area.

As climbers began maneuvering through challenging routes to gain points, SWAN staff watched in awe. Their agility and strength was impressive. During break time Executive Director, Diana Vuolo, introduced SWAN’s mission and our student, Bryanna Still, stepped up to the mic to sing “When You Believe”.

The room of climbers became silent as they listened to her beautiful voice and then loudly burst into applause when she finished. One by one the climbers came up to congratulate and praise Bryanna. Adam Bofinger, Director of Adventure at the Nook and fundraising host remarked, “That was really great! I had no idea that voice would come out of her!”

The day came to a close after finalists battled to complete the difficult routes and receive awards. The event was a success! Climbers and observers had a great time and it was clear they had a concern for the children we are serving.

Thank you climbers, sponsors and Spooky Nook. Because of your generous support our students can continue scaling their walls!