April 3, 2015

Steve Beckman, VP of Design at Eighty Twenty, had this to say about his experience working on the project with our children:

“The branding process is well underway! Having been in the branding and design field for 20 years now, I feel like I usually know what to expect when I walk into a room for a meeting or presentation. This group, however, consistently proves me wrong and outshines all of my expectations! All through the naming, branding, and design process this team has shown me that they’re passionate, insightful, encouraging of one another, willing to stand up for their ideas and yet at the same time willing to show respect for the ideas of others. I’ve seen them stand firmly for what they want and then, when shown something that respectfully challenges their position, respond with grace, humility, and a preference for “team” over “self”. They are a team in every sense of the word! I have had many, many clients who could learn valuable lessons from this group of outstanding young men and ladies.

The name, logo and design style that the group chose shows, I believe, their true spirit. Fresh, aspirational and fun, it holds nothing back and sends a fantastic message. I won’t spoil the surprise, but suffice it to say that when it is finally revealed at the Spotlight event, I expect this group to live up to their branding in every way! It has been my genuine pleasure and an honor to work with them on this extremely important project, and the experiences I’ve had at every step will be treasured.

Thanks to the team, and all of the awesome folks at SWAN for inviting me in!”