When Logan walks on stage to perform, you have to smile. That’s because this 3rd grader from Mountville Elementary School lights up whenever he gets a chance to play music. He doesn’t get the typical jitters when he performs. He says that “playing the piano makes me calm and happy.” His dream is “to be able to read sheet music and play amazing songs,” and he is well on his way. When speaking to Logan, you soon realize that he is a musician at heart. “There’s music everywhere, and I love to listen to it.” 

“Playing the piano makes me calm and happy.”

Logan’s guardian and grandmother, Wanda, had tears streaming down her face after his first SWAN performance outside The Ware Center last August. It just happened that at the time Logan was performing, the entire McCaskey football and cheerleading teams came by to listen. (They were in full uniform, so it was easy to notice them.) As soon as Logan played his last note, the teams roared out a cheer so long and so loud that Wanda said, “He didn’t touch the ground for three days!” She continued to say, “That was a significant turning point for Logan. He realized that he had something special, and people appreciated it. That was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that he will never forget. It instilled confidence in him and inspired him to continue playing the piano.”

Logan and Wanda are grateful for the opportunity to receive music lessons. Wanda says, “Through music, Logan can find beauty in a chaotic world.” And Logan is absolutely right! He has something special to give to all of us who listen to his music. 

“He realized that he had something special, and people appreciated it. That was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that he will never forget.”