March 8, 2022

Jaylianna began her private viola lessons with SWAN less than a year ago. She had recently graduated 5th grade and wasn’t sure if she wanted to continue playing the viola. If not for the encouragement of her SWAN teacher, Margaret Medina, she might not be playing in her school orchestra today. During Jaylianna’s weekly lessons, she is learning 2-octave scales, working on her orchestra music and solo piece. Thanks to the challenging and high volume of music that she is expected to prepare for her school orchestra, her music reading has improved. She has risen to the challenge and has discovered that playing with other students is fun and rewarding. She comes to her lessons prepared and ready to take on new challenges. Jayliana’s attitude about learning to play the viola has completely turned around now that she has the guidance of a devoted teacher.

“I am taking music lessons with SWAN because I want to get better at playing my viola.”