October 9, 2023

Musician or not, music has an impact on our mental health. Simply listening to music can change our state of mind and improve our well-being. It certainly does for the students in our SWAN program. Here’s a list of 5 ways music helps them and can help you too: 

1. Music Motivates

Listening to music with a consistent beat will help regulate your heartbeat and breathing, causing greater concentration on a task and increasing your motivation.

Music makes me feel good, and it keeps me motivated on what I am doing.” – Leiyani, SWAN student.

2. Music Encourages Expression of Feelings

Lyrics from your favorite songs often help you process and express your feelings. The beat and tone can help too. Composing music or writing lyrics can be a great way to express your emotions while creating something beautiful.

When I listen to this song, it makes me feel like Im in a hug.” – Izier, SWAN student

Music makes me feel happy, excited, cool, amazing, energetic, and joyful.” – Isaac, SWAN student.

3. Music Boosts Confidence

Positive lyrics and an upbeat tempo can boost your mood and help you feel more confident.

“I have seen his creativity thrive through music! It’s great seeing him get so excited about creating music! SWAN has given him a fantastic way to work out his sadness, anger, and joy! He takes it to the piano and walks away refreshed! – Valerie, SWAN Students’ Mother

4. Music Relieves Anxiety

Again, listening to music with a consistent beat will help regulate your heartbeat and breathing, causing you to calm down, relax, and relieve anxious feelings.

I feel calm and happy when I play music.” – Logan, SWAN student.

When I play the piano, it makes me feel calm and relaxed.” – Brooklyn, SWAN student.

I love music because it takes my mind off things and gives me something positive to focus on.” – Chloe, SWAN student.

5. Music Increases Activity

Listening to music can energize you and increase your activity, contributing to good mental and physical health.

Music makes me happy and makes me want to dance.” – Milani, SWAN student.

So next time you need to boost your mood, turn on the music!

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