March 13, 2012

You don’t want to miss hearing WDAC’s interview with SWAN’s Executive Director, Diana Vuolo and SWAN’s violin student Josiah Stoltzfus in their Ministry Focus Segment. The interview will air this Saturday on WDAC 94.5 FM at 10:30 am, and also on WBYN 107.5 at 10 am. Hear the effects that SWAN’s violin lessons have had on Josiah. And how it has helped him to cope during a difficult time in his young life. Special guest Warden Burl Cain talks about the prison art his inmates are donating to benefit SWAN. And, Diana shares the staggering comparison of the cost for housing juvenile offenders to the cost of investing in each SWAN student’s music lessons. Listen now to this wonderful interview that shares just how important SWAN’s cause is.