Several SWAN students, including our Rising Stars students from Burrowes Elementary, were invited to perform for Lancaster’s Mental Health America Compeer Luncheon. Our students’ performance further enhanced the Compeer program, which promotes good mental health through meaningful relationships. Their goal was to share their joy of music and boost the audience’s mental health, a goal they undoubtedly achieved.

Our music teacher, Mr. Allan Dutton, started by sharing about our program and how singing or playing an instrument positively impacts our mood. SWAN student Alex shared that he loves learning to play the viola and received smiles and cheers as he finished his piece. Next, our Rising Stars students took the stage, singing fun songs that not only got the crowd singing with them but also uplifted their spirits. They concluded with a song whose lyrics encourage those struggling with cares and burdens to bring them to Christ. To wrap it up, SWAN student Logan wowed the audience as he skillfully played the piano, leaving them feeling inspired and hopeful.

We couldn’t be more proud of our students. Their performance was a testament to the power of music in uplifting spirits and fostering positive mental health.