May 9, 2024

In April, our Rising Stars students were invited as guests on Kid’s Cookie Break, WJTL 90.3 radio. They enjoyed sharing songs with the listeners, discussing their favorite things at SWAN, and naming their favorite cookies. During the show, some students said that music lessons were their favorite part of SWAN, while others mentioned that spending time with adults was what they enjoyed the most. 

Janet Rawleigh, Rising Stars Director, said she was proud of the kids, “They did a fantastic job following the host’s instructions, singing, and speaking confidently on air. They sounded beautiful!” 

We asked the students to share their thoughts about the live radio experience, and here is what some had to say: “It was fun! We had to be close to the mic, which was hard, but the singing was easy.” “I liked being on the radio. My mom’s friend heard my voice and thought it was pretty.” “The recording room was smaller than I thought. My mom listened and said we did a great job. She was proud of me.” “My teacher heard me on the radio! It was really fun to be in the studio.” “It was cool that a lot of people could hear us!” 

We want to thank Lisa Landis for being such a fantastic host and giving our students an amazing experience!

Listen to the recording: