Caplin is a bright 10-year-old who loves to create original compositions for the piano. When he starts his creative process, he imagines going into a coal mine. “I imagine that the notes are laying there and are black. If I put them in the right order, I will find a diamond. When I create a song, I think about how it will be a beautiful melody. I think about writing melodies that go from having very high notes to very low notes. I tell my mom, ‘Don’t listen right now, I’m just trying things.’ I just keep trying new ideas. Sometimes I don’t like them but sometimes, I do.”

During this season, Caplin is receiving private virtual piano lessons. Caplin enjoys his lessons and is learning how to read music. In addition to those lessons, he also performs from time to time in church.  He was prepared to play one of his original compositions at a SWAN event but the pandemic canceled his performance. We are optimistic that he will have many more opportunities for that in the near future. In the meantime, he is enjoying all that he is learning and spends a lot of time practicing.

“The songs are actually starting to get harder and harder! I LIKED it! It’s a CHALLENGE!” – Caplin