April 3, 2012

Let’s take a moment to to consider the amount of money that our government spends each year to confine juveniles in detention facilities. The American Correctional Association estimates that, on average, it costs $240.99 per day and $88,000 a year for every youth in a juvenile facility. States spend an average of 7.1 million dollars per day locking up youth. These numbers are both astounding and tragic. It only takes a moment to realize that we are all affected. The lives of the offenders and their victims are devastated. Our communities are not safe and we as taxpayers are paying the bill with our hard earned money.

SWAN’s vision is to become involved in young children’s lives BEFORE they take the devastating turns that lead to a life of crime. Children of incarcerated individuals are 72% more likely than other children to end up in prison themselves! Music is an effective way to reach into these vulnerable lives and make a positive impact for good. But in order to do this we need your help! For only $3.65 per day or $1,333 per year SWAN can provide a student with music lessons and mentoring. In one year we can reach 300 children for only $686,000 as compared to the cost of confinement at $26,400,000. Please consider sponsoring a child for the next year in SWAN and together let’s make a significant impact for good.