November 20, 2014
Welcome here - instruments, singing and dance.
Welcome here – instruments, singing and dance.

On November 13 our students found themselves in front of an audience of 200 for their first performance as a vocal ensemble during the PASSHE Summit at Lancaster’s Marriott Hotel. Their countenances were bright and engaging and there was not a nervous student in the group! They were working as a team for a common goal: to bring joy to their audience through music, dance and rhythm.

Prior to the performance the children, ages 9 – 13, decided to use their time well to rehearse, focus and encourage one another.  Once their teacher, Heidi Shannon, arrived they maintained their focus, self-control and discipline to walk through their performance. Their program included diverse cultural songs, chants and movement and they accompanied themselves using body percussion, hand drums, xylophones, and glockenspiels. Their performance was engaging and left their audience cheering. Whether they realized it or not, they each took one giant step in their personal development and on their road to success.


View photos from the PASSHE Summit performance.

Students with instructor Heidi Shannon
Students with instructor Heidi Shannon