October 22, 2012

SingingClass002_zps7c4a6cd0Music is intermingling in the halls of The Mix at Arbor Place and The Family Center of Gap. SWAN has begun its pilot programs in these beautiful facilities. A group of children can be heard singing “Mary Did You Know?” as their voice instructor, Katie, leads them in chorus. From another room one can hear beautiful chords from an acoustic guitar coming from our 9 year old student only to be followed by sounds of an electric guitar from a 7 year old. Music Theory lessons are being taught and if you come back on a different day you would hear violins.

Our lessons are being taught by college students who are serving SWAN as part of their internship program at Lancaster Bible College. This is all being overseen by SWAN Executive Director, Diana Vuolo.

AsiaGuitar001_zpsbef14311When speaking with Diana, she reported that the first day her vision for SWAN became a reality was an emotional one. “I was busy making sure the schedule was running well on our opening day. I didn’t expect this to happen, but as I stood outside of one of the classrooms and heard the children singing with such joy and enthusiasm, tears just streamed down my face. These children love their lessons and I am often met with a big hug from several of our students. It’s their way of saying, “Thanks!”‘.

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