March 23, 2023

When brothers, Jaymier and Ceevon perform together, it’s always a memorable experience for their audiences. Their March 19 performance at St. Thomas Episcopal Church was no exception. Their artistry and performance were beautiful and just perfect for the church service.

Ceevon’s SWAN piano teacher, Maria Corley, said, “After seeing a video of Ceevon and Jaymeir performing Ceevon’s piece, “Blissful,” I knew that my congregation would appreciate not only hearing them but learning about SWAN. (St. Thomas has a long history of prison ministry, and I knew our clergy would be supportive.) The boys got a standing ovation, and one of my choir members, who’d watched online, sent me a text saying that she really enjoyed their performance and hoped they’d always have music in their lives. The reaction wasn’t because they’re associated with SWAN. However, SWAN will allow them to expand upon their gifts. I love the idea of inspiring Ceevon to reach his full potential. As a former faculty member at a historically Black university (FAMU), I experienced how fulfilling it could be to share my knowledge with young people from my community. I’m grateful that SWAN has given me an opportunity to recapture that feeling.”