November 5, 2018
Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) impair a child’s social, emotional, and cognitive development and greatly increase the risk of a poor life outcome. SWAN is working together with our community partners to become a trauma-informed community and change the trajectory of these children’s lives.

“Rather than asking what’s wrong with that child we need to be asking what happened to that child and how can we help them.” – Dr. Rau, School District of Lancaster, Superintendent

Check out this video about trauma-based education produced by William Zee, Esquire, Barley Snyder.

We invite you to join us to hear more from William Zee, our keynote speaker at SWAN’s “Make an Extraordinary Difference” Gala on November 15th. See firsthand how SWAN is empowering children who have experienced trauma to use their gifts and talents to thrive and succeed.