When SWAN students Ceevon (14) and Jaymier (12) attended a Lancaster Symphony Orchestra (LSO) concert last spring, it became a thrilling experience of discovery. Hearing classical music, a new genre to their ears, was exciting enough but seeing the musicians perform so close to them took the experience to an unforgettable level. When SWAN invited them to LSO’s concert a few weeks ago, another thrilling discovery was made. Ceevon, who is a pianist and composer, was enthralled by Jeff Midkiff’s: Mandolin Concerto, From the Blue Ridge. He could hardly believe that Midkiff not only played the mandolin but wrote all the orchestra parts! He and Jaymier started downloading the music to their phones so they could listen to it all again. 

Jaymier and Ceevon’s love for music has been obvious to their SWAN teachers all along. Jaymier plays drums, violin, and break dances and Ceevon plays the piano and composes. They will be performing on Friday, November 18, from 4:15 – 4:30 at Warehouse District Beer Garden, 595 N Charlotte St. The event is being held by United Way of Lancaster to celebrate the Extra Give. SWAN’s mission and students are being featured there along with several other non-profits.