“Make an Extraordinary Difference” Gala 2018

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  1. Suzanne
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    Hi Mrs. Vuolo and Jinger and Jeremy. I love to watch Counting On and Counting Now. Big Fan of 19 Kids and Counting as well. Wholesome tv. You all have been my family for many years. I look forward to having the tv all to myself to absorb your family values and broadening values with all the marriages in the Duggar family. God bless this SWAN charity I pray. My hubby survived a childhood of chronic trauma. Sadly this led him to jail and prison. I met him halfway through his sentence of 19 years. I know what it is like to visit in the visiting room and see children trying to interact with their incarcerated fathers. Hubby has been out now for 20 years and trying to reconcile with his elderly parents and allow God to heal his childhood wounds. May your music bless the ears and souls of the children whom you are ministering to and may their music bless the ears and souls of others who are now adult children who lived chronically traumatized lives and may have been incarcerated at one time in their lives. May their incarcerated parents be oh so proud of them!!!! Abundant blessings beyond what you can imagine or think. Amen

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