December 24, 2012

bing-crosby_zpsa598cd88How many of us enjoy listening to Christmas music as we shop, bake, wrap and party during the holiday season? It just wouldn’t be Christmas without the festive music. The music and everything about this season can elicit feelings of nostalgia. The memories of our childhood Christmases and the joy and anticipation of Christmas morning are brought back to life as we listen and sing the Christmas classics. The most notable Christmas classic is Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas” sung by Bing Crosby. This classic’s first public performance was aired December 25, 1941 on NBC’s highly-rated radio show. Since then it has become the number one best selling single of all time with over 50 million copies sold worldwide. Amy Henderson, in the Smithsonian’s blog Around the Mall states, “Berlin created lyrics describing the perfect holiday that everyone yearned for—a white Christmas that was merry and bright.” “The mix of melancholy — “just like the ones I used to know” — with comforting images of home — “where the treetops glisten” — resonated especially strongly with listeners during World War II.”(John Mueller (1986). Astaire Dancing – The Musical Films. London: Hamish Hamilton.) In many ways this song shaped the ideals and views of the celebration of Christmas today. “Bolstered by wartime sentimentality, “White Christmas” found a mass market that brought the idea of holiday entertainment into the mainstream”(Amy Henderson). The song stirred the hearts of its listeners both then and now. It’s a song that is timeless and can speak to any generation of longing for those perfect moments with family and friends.

We truly hope that your Christmas will be a season that is merry and bright and ask that you remember the many who yearn to have a “White Christmas.”