November 13, 2021

Joy and even giddiness filled the rooms as our students returned for their first physical classes! Seeing their friends again reminded them of the fun they had together before the pandemic. Astonishingly, the songs and musical games they learned even two years ago came right back as if it was yesterday. 

SWAN teacher, Lauren Reyes, shared a great report about her students’ return. “It’s exciting to see how eager they are to learn. Many students have said that they can’t believe they can use such ‘beautiful’ instruments. One student, Karma, has a ukulele at home but doesn’t know how to play. She is very excited to ‘finally learn what to do!’ Another student, Karlee, was so excited to learn the ukulele that she brought her pink toy ukulele to show me and use in class. Each week we work to build teamwork, and students have many opportunities to be leaders and helpers. One student, Ayva, has often shared with me that she wants to learn everything she can about music to show others how to play.  Twelve-year-old Jason wants to learn all the instruments he can. He wants to be a music teacher someday. It is a joy to see that our students are inspired to lead, learn new things, and dream big.” 

From our students to you, “Thank you, SWAN Community!”  Your support is empowering their dreams!