May 10, 2023

On April 20, 2023, SWAN was honored to receive the Small Business Award from SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon. Since early 2020 Diana Vuolo, Founder and Executive Director of SWAN, and her Administrative Assistant Holly Germeroth, have met with SCORE Counselors Beverly Doody and Bob Thomas. Their wise counsel has given SWAN confidence and clarity with their vision and strategic planning, allowing them to expand and have a more significant impact and capacity. Their advice has also helped SWAN to develop strategic partnerships, better understand grant writing, and improve their fundraising efforts.

Beverly and Bob say that “Diana is very professional, organized, and deeply committed to SWAN’s mission. She has such compassion for helping others, especially the children SWAN serves.”

High Foundation is pleased to support SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon, and we were delighted to bestow the Small Business Award to Diana and the team at SWAN.” Robin Stauffer, Executive Director, High Foundation

“It was an honor to receive the Small Business Development Award from SCORE. Our SCORE Counselors, SWAN staff, and board members are very much a part of this achievement. Their guidance and counsel have placed us on a stable course of development, enabling us to serve students in an impactful way.” Diana Vuolo, Founder and Executive Director.

They will continue to meet with Bob and Beverley for advice. Their greater capacity for growth will allow SWAN to develop new program models and collaborative partnerships that will impact their students in extraordinary ways and scale the program.