January 25, 2019

Beth Smith, a music teacher and SWAN supporter, held a piano recital in December where she introduced her students and their families to SWAN’s mission. Understanding the value of music lessons, they collectively gave to support our SWAN students. We are grateful for Beth’s willingness to introduce others to SWAN in this meaningful and purposeful way.

“As a music teacher, I am blessed with the opportunity to see my students grow in the specific skills of music that will serve them throughout the rest of their life – tunefulness, beautifulness, artfulness.  But I also thoroughly enjoy seeing them grow in general life skills – discipline to practice, perseverance to learn a new piece of music, commitment in continuing to come to lessons, a strong work ethic.  And music rewards those efforts in such a beautiful and elegant way.  It makes my heart glad to know that these strengths I see growing in my students are being cultivated in the students of SWAN.  SWAN is sowing seeds now in the fertile time of childhood so the fruits will be repeated for many years to come.  The families of my piano students recognize this for their own children and I am so grateful they wanted to bless the students of SWAN with these same opportunities.”  

Beth Smith