September 14, 2021

We’d like to introduce one of our team members, program director Brooke Beazley.

I am a cellist and began studying the cello at the age of 8 in 4th grade. As a student, I loved the sound of my instrument. It is still my favorite! I have taught music for over 40 years. My favorite part of teaching music is watching students develop skills that they once thought were impossible. I want to impress upon my students that learning to play an instrument takes practice. Although practicing may not be fun, the payoff of being able to play the music is worth it.

When Diana presented her idea for SWAN to our string quartet and I was immediately interested in being a part of her vision. As a musician and the program director, I see how music lessons are helping SWAN students develop musically, emotionally, and intellectually. I love sharing music with others through teaching and performing. I’m lucky to have a job that is also my passion.

A few of Brooke’s favorite things:

  • traveling
  • food: Thai
  • quote: “Practice every day that you eat”  Dr. Shinichi Suzuki -violin teacher

What one word would you use to describe yourself?
Driven. I need to stay busy every day.