Disappointments have impacted each of us during this pandemic. For our students, it started in April when they realized that their polished program for SWAN’s Spring Soiree would need to be canceled. Abruptly, their lessons stopped as schools shut down and before we knew it, our summer camp that so many were looking forward to had to be canceled as well. We immediately worked out virtual learning plans accessible to every one of our students, but many were unable to engage for a host of different reasons. What has emerged has been the development of virtual, one-on-one lessons. We have predominantly taught our students in groups with the dream that someday we could afford to provide private lessons. That dream successfully found its way into our “Pandemic Plan”. The lessons are engaging and fun but unfortunately, not all of our students are in a position to have them. Hindrances due to their circumstances and/or their demographics are ever-present but gradually we are getting more students to engage with their teachers online and it is making a significant impact.

Another golden opportunity that the shut-down provided was the time needed to incorporate each layer of our corporate work into the Salesforce platform. As a result, we will be able to handle greater growth in the future. 

Knowing how important music instruction is to help children heal and succeed, SWAN’s goal remains the same as before the pandemic began and that is to progressively serve more of Lancaster’s students affected by parental incarceration and to increase the number of lessons and performance opportunities for each one. For us to do that, we need you!

SWAN’s fundraising has been hindered during the pandemic and yet our students need music in their lives and personal one-on-one instruction more than ever! By contributing to our “Funds for Fall Campaign”, you will allow us to continue the private lessons and incorporate more students in that schedule throughout the fall. It will also help support our work within the Salesforce platform. We would appreciate your financial support at this time and optimistically look forward to the time when we can celebrate our students’ successes together!