February 17, 2016

When Valotta Music Studio’s owner, Nadine Valotta-Badasarian, heard about SWAN’s mission and the vulnerable children we serve, she saw an opportunity to teach life skills to her music students. In doing so, she taught them how to be heroes.

Each Valotta student was taught how to give a home recital for the purpose of raising funds for SWAN. The children learned their music and invited relatives and friends to their homes. They faced their fears and performed. Twelve children participated in the challenge and raised over $550.

Here is what Sam had to say about his SWAN Concert Challenge, “I was very nervous to play in front of a group of people but I didn’t care because I knew it would help other kids get music lessons like I do.”

On April 28, at our SWAN Banquet, these 12 children will be honored as SWAN heroes and have an opportunity to meet the students they helped. We know this will leave a lasting impression on everyone.