August 20, 2018

“I’ve enjoyed camp and I’m sad it’s the last week. My favorite part has been working on our group piece in Mr. George’s class.” Several others echoed this camper’s statement as we began our final week of camp. Their sorrow over camp ending quickly faded as they realized this was the week they’d been waiting and working towards. Sharing their accomplishments with family, friends, school support members, and the SWAN community. They were filled with excitement.

On the final day of camp, they proudly talked about the performance held for the SWAN community the night before. “I liked meeting everyone.” “I enjoyed playing Derek’s piece.” “My favorite part was singing “A Million Dreams.” Not long after that morning discussion, the children happily celebrated with a performance for family, friends, and school support members. Moms, grandfathers, principals, counselors, siblings, school staff, as well as Police Officer Wolfe, clapped and cheered them on. Everyone enjoyed a delicious lunch generously provided by the Bridge and a cake which declared, “Fantastic Job”!

In the final moments of camp, the children ran from SWAN teacher to staff member and eagerly asked, “Will you be at SWAN camp again next year?” The exclamation, “YAY”, followed by hugs or high-fives were seen throughout the room as many of us answered, “Yes”. It was the perfect ending to our first BIG summer camp endeavor. The children were proud of their accomplishments and eager to be a part of camp next year. THANK YOU for making this possible!!

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