June 5, 2018

Price went extremely well. “A” gave me a hug when he entered the room. I was a bit surprised but I don’t think I will be in the future.

I asked the kids to tell me something unhappy that happened recently. A few spoke of pets that died or were lost, and “J” brought up the recent school shooting he heard on the news. Then I asked them to tell me something happy that happened. Several shared about amusement parks and getting new pets. I told them about the loaner ukes, and they were all very happy.

I taught them two chords and we were able to play the verses of Down By the Riverside and sing. I used a pick as an incentive, and we stretched out the playing time. “A” became discouraged so I talked with the class about the difference between talent and hard work. I told them that I’ve taught probably a couple thousand students, and that hard work always brings better results than talent. I also told “A” that I’ve seen him play, and I know he can do it. “A” grabbed a uke and tried again.

 -George Yellak, SWAN music teacher

The names of students are represented by a letter for privacy reasons.

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