April 10, 2018

Burrowes and Carter actually went very well. I also realized that I’m probably pushing the music part of the classes too long. Instead of trying to get 25 or 30 minutes of music time in, it seems that 20 minutes is the breaking point at all three locations. I spoke with two music teachers. They both affirmed that idea. The kids also like to help with setup/teardown, so I’m planning to focus more on the rituals and structure of taking care of the instruments, etc. As I establish those rituals, I would have less need for an assistant. I’m going to contact some music students at LBC this week because I began thinking about how having another musician in the class could really free me up to teach skills, in that the other musician could hold down the fort in terms of keeping the group playing together, while I float and teach skills.

 -George Yellak, SWAN music teacher

The names of students are represented by a letter for privacy reasons.

Thankfully we have secured a second music teacher to co-teach with our group lessons that continue to grow as new students are enrolled. It is important that our lessons progress with excellence, therefore, it is invaluable to have not only an assistant but a professional music teacher. With this comes an added cost to the program. Would you like to help support this continued growth? You can make a monthly or one-time donation here.