Children enrolled in SWAN receive all services free of charge through donations and grants. SWAN enrolls students of incarcerated individuals who are 7 – 17 years of age and continues to work with them through the age of 18. Enrollment depends on the availability of funds received and on the targeted locations that SWAN is equipped to serve. Various zip code areas will be announced on our home page when there is a need to recruit more students. Currently, SWAN is serving Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Music Lessons

Children enrolled in SWAN receive private lessons and/or group ensemble lessons.IMG_0703cp-300

SWAN students
  • Are given skills to enjoy playing an instrument
  • Receive one on one attention
  • Learn to read music, to practice and to perform
  • Develop a positive group identity
  • Are trained in ensemble skills and team work
  • Experience the joy and the power of music
Community Service

SWAN students are given opportunities to serve their communities by providing music for special events and by performing concerts.