Support SWAN 4 Kids with Provident Payments

Through Provident Payments’ partnership, businesses are able to support and lower their own processing costs.
Over the past 15 years, Provident Payments has serviced thousands of merchants in over 25 states.

Provident’s Mission

To provide an exceptional payment experience while saving businesses on their processing costs.

Provident’s Vision

 We aim to support by donating a % of all profit generated by businesses using our services. 

Reliable & Secure Processing

Our Point-to-Point Encryption and tokenization allows for secure transactions and a reduced PCI Scope.                              


Competitive Pricing

By utilizing an Interchange Plus pricing structure and offering a lower rate we are able to cut the cost of processing.

Personal Customer Service

We dedicate a primary contact to every business that signs up. That way you work with the same knowledgeable person, every time.

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