Students Perform at Lancaster County Crime Prevention Summit

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It was an honor for SWAN to once again be invited to present and perform at Lancaster’s Crime Prevention Summit on March 2, 2018. Summit attendees came to learn, network, and discuss various ways to work together as a community to prevent crime and to better serve families and children of the incarcerated. Our soloist, Bryanna Still, along with our choir from King Elementary were thrilled to take part in this performance. They sang for over 100 attendees which included Dr. Damaris Rau, SDoL Superintendent. Dr. Rau stopped by the green room after the performance to congratulate the children on a job well done. This visit and encouragement made the event even more exciting and special for our students. Those attending were moved by our students’ performance and continued to talk about the value of SWAN as an intervention program. We are proud of our students. They enthusiastically performed displaying team-work, courage, and discipline. The cheers, high-fives, and clapping were well deserved.

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  1. Gloria Hawkes
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    This is an excellent program! I’m not a musician but looking for an opportunity to continue making a difference for children. I recently retired from being a school counselor. Working with children who are vulnerable would be so rewarding. Retired but not “done” yet! Any suggestions for a volunteer position would be very welcome!

    • Holly Germeroth
      | Reply

      Thank you, Gloria! I just sent you an email. Let’s chat about volunteering possibilities.

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