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Exciting NEW Opportunity!

You can take a child off SWAN’s waiting list and put them into a Drum Ensemble!

  • Impact a child’s life forever
  • Follow your sponsored student’s progress
  • Receive personal invitations to their concerts

Now through April 30th, you can sponsor a child for a commitment of $25 a month or a single gift of $300.

Our program has impacted the vulnerable children that we serve in significant ways, socially, academically and personally. More children are on our waiting list. We want to “Keep Making a Change” but we need your help.

Sponsor a child today for only $25 a month!

Our program continues to grow! 

We are excited for the opportunity to make a change in vulnerable children’s lives in 7 Lancaster District Schools this year! We cannot do this alone, though. We need your help!

Now through the end of April, we will be working to raise $25,000 so we can continue lessons in all 7 schools during the summer break and into the fall. The funds are needed to keep serving these children. Please consider being a part of the critical intervention that SWAN provides and help us reach our goal.


Join our “Keep Making a Change” campaign in the following ways:
  • Sponsor a student for a year at $25 a month
  • Schedule a monthly donation of $5, $15 or more
  • Make a donation of $25, $50 or more
  • Create a fundraiser with your friends, family, and co-workers
  • Invite others to match your donation including your employer
  • Share the “Keep Making a Change” campaign via email and social media


With your help, we can keep making a change in these children’s lives.


Make a donation now!


Inspire others to give with a matching gift of $2,000 or more! Can you pledge a matching gift to be an incentive to double your donation? Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about being a matching gift donor.

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