Extraordinary Give 2020

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Mark your calendar, set an alarm notification, even sign-up for a text message reminder for an Extraordinary day of giving!

Be a part of the EXCITEMENT!

Get ready to give and make history! When you visit SWAN4kidsExtraGive.org and make a donation, every dollar you give will be stretched by Lancaster County Community Foundation’s shared stretch pool of a HALF MILLION DOLLARS. The earliest donations, starting at 12 midnight, will be matched 100% by SWAN’s Matching Gift Donors. The first $17,300 in donations will be MATCHED! Thanks to several generous donors. So GIVE early and your $10 becomes $20 or $100 become $200.

What is it? The Extraordinary Give is Lancaster County’s 24-hour Day of Giving. It’s an invitation to every individual who cares about a cause to join forces and give a little EXTRA. For 24-Hours the Extraordinary Give unites us in a true community celebration of giving. In 2019 the Extraordinary Give was the biggest per capita giving day in the world!

Your gift to SWAN could WIN extra funds! Visit SWAN4kidsExtraGive.org and give during one of the target times listed below to maximize your gift and win additional funds​.

  • “Midnight Madness” – Beginning at midnight on 11/20, the first 20 organizations that receive 50 donations from unique donors will each be awarded a prize of $500!
  • “Magic Minute” – During the exact minute between 11:20:00 am & 11:20:59 am on 11/20, the first 120 organizations that receive a unique donation will each be awarded a prize of $100!
  • “Sugar Rush” – 5 randomly selected donations made during the 2 pm-3 pm time slot will be awarded a golden ticket prize of $500 to the organization receiving the donation.
  • “#IGiveEXTRA” – throughout the day 5 randomly selected social media posts with #IGiveEXTRA will be awarded $1,000 to the organization the post references.

Whether you win extra funds for SWAN or not, your gift is a WIN for the children SWAN serves! Sign-up for a text message reminder so you can maximize the chance for SWAN to win or visit here for additional golden ticket time slots to be awarded throughout the day.

Become a Champion for SWAN. Create and set your very own goal to share and raise funds on behalf of SWAN. With each fundraising champion, SWAN stands to gain at least 4 new donors. YOU could help SWAN raise 2x, maybe even 3x more by becoming a champion! That means MORE children will be able to receive music lessons!

Get started TODAY by following SWAN’s easy to use Fundraising Champion Guide!




Champion Resources:

SWAN Fundraising Champion Guide

Contact Holly for Assistance 

Discover More

NEW!!! Business Fundraiser

Get your employees or employer to rally the workspace together as a force for good. Create a Business fundraiser, set a goal, and incentivize your team to give to SWAN during the ExtraGive with a corporate matching gift. Contact Holly to find out more.

Your Giving Matters to SWAN: Did you know that 85% of our funding is provided by individuals like you? SWAN depends on individual donors to keep our mission running.

Rally behind SWAN on Nov. 20 and become part of the solution! On any given day in Lancaster, there are 4,600 children with a parent in prison. These children may experience the trauma of separation, abandonment, homelessness, and continued or deepening poverty. This often results in behavioral issues and substandard academic performance. Music is underscored by research to help children scholastically, emotionally, physically and socially.

This is your opportunity to make a difference in children’s lives. Mark your calendars, tell your friends, and GIVE Extraordinarily!


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