“May none of our children ever call a prison cell home.” Diana Vuolo, Founder, Executive Director


Problem IconThe Problem

When a parent goes to prison their children often struggle with issues of poverty, homelessness, abandonment, instability, fear, and abuse. It is no wonder that children whose parents are incarcerated are 70% more likely than other children to end up in prison themselves.

States spent about $5.7 billion in 2007 to imprison 64,558 youth committed to residential facilities. The American Correctional Association estimates that, on average, it costs states $240.99 per day — approximately $88,000 a year — for every youth in a juvenile facility. Reporting states spent an average of $7.1 million per day locking up youth in residential facilities.



Misson IconOur Mission

Through music SWAN becomes involved in students’ lives by providing private instrumental or voice lessons. This one on one interactive time not only imparts skills to the child but sets the stage for a mentoring relationship. Our students are placed in an ensemble so they can be part of a team, develop a positive group identity and then are taught how to serve their communities by performing for others. This gives them a noble sense of purpose. Last year our children performed for a homeless mission, an abuse shelter, and for various community events. One of our students performed in front of an audience of 2500 at a convention center.

The character qualities we seek to instill, such as discipline, grit, perseverance and self-control, can transform our students into leaders, placing them on a course towards success.


Need IconWhat is Needed

We need the financial support of our corporate community. Let’s think about it, what we invest in grows. Do we want our money going to the government to build more and more prisons? The choice is yours. SWAN would invite you to invest in our children. Please consider joining us in the effort to help them break that cycle of crime and we believe your investment will grow! It will save their lives from destruction, make our communities safer, enhance our culture and make better use of our money.