Founder and Executive Director: Diana Vuolo

SWAN was founded in 2011 by Diana Vuolo, a professional violinist, music instructor, and mother of three grown children. Diana was exposed to the problems children face when a parent is incarcerated through her husband, Chuck Vuolo’s ministry. As an evangelical pastor working in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Chuck devoted time to criminal offenders leading them to Jesus Christ through Bible studies. Diana’s heart ached for the children who were left behind as they often faced serious issues of abandonment, homelessness, poverty, fear, and abuse. Troubled by the fact that these children were 70% more likely than other children to end up in prison and understanding how music can help children succeed sparked the vision for a nonprofit mission that she named SWAN: Scaling Walls a Note at a Time.

As SWAN students learn the disciplines of music they are also exposed to Biblical mentoring and Gospel truths. Character qualities such as discipline, patience, faithfulness, self-control, and perseverance are taught in an encouraging and loving environment.

SWAN’s board members are Biblical Christians dependent on God’s Word, His grace, wisdom and provision to carry SWAN onward. 

Executive Board of Directors:

Steve Wolgemuth, President

Myma Stoltzfus, Vice-President, Secretary

Elijah Green, Treasurer

Benuel Beiler