Off to College!

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Former SWAN student and teacher Bryanna Still had a stellar freshman year at Edinboro University studying music and art therapy. She chose that major because music and art helped her deal with the trauma she suffered throughout her childhood. She has a passion for becoming the person she needed when she was a child. She is very grateful to SWAN and testified that she would not have made it past 13 without SWAN’s mentoring, musical training, and support. Her vision to be an advocate and therapist for children has her on track to earn a doctorate from Edinboro University. We wish Bryanna well as she begins her sophomore year!

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  1. Beth
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    Love this so much!

  2. Lisa Fairman
    | Reply

    Bryanna you are a beautiful, inspiring and talented woman. So happy for you to be achieving your goals and adding your talents into the communities you’ll serve!

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